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Strength vs flexibility

Strength vs flexibilityWhich muscle performs better, suffers less pain and dysfunction, and has better health, a muscle with Full Length, Flexibility and Range of Motion or a muscle with maximum Strength, Power and Force?

Worrisome Mid Back / Thoracic Discomfort

Worrisome Mid Back / Thoracic DiscomfortThere is an excellent reason our chests are protected by a powerful cage of ribs and fascia … to protect our life-sustaining organs, such as the heart and lungs.

Fixing the Hick-Up Muscle

Fixing the Hick-Up MuscleWhile each skeletal muscle is certainly important, there is one we literally CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … THE DIAPHRAGM!   From breathing difficulties to hiccups to heartburn, dysfunction of the Diaphragm is important to recognize and to correct, so please pass this information on …